Areas of expertise

Our profession is parking

Be it the operation, modernisation, construction or conversion of parking facilities – we demonstrate our professional and site expertise in every project we carry out. In this respect, we are so much more than just a car park operator. We are pioneers in the field of parking – offering intelligent products, innovative car park design and state-of-the-art parking technology.

We operate

Parking as a profession: we operate parking facilities with 20, 200 or 2,000 spaces, as the owner or leaseholder, in the city or at special locations.

We modernise

From old to innovative: we modernise our properties on a long-term and sustainable basis – from small details to entire facilities.

We rebuild

Concepts with expertise: as an experienced developer, we master even the most complex challenges – be it with existing properties or construction projects.

We convert

We play an active role in numerous urban development projects in order to keep pace with the ongoing changes in cityscapes and mobility behaviours.

We rent

The car park as a location: we rent out our properties as advertising, business or storage space, as well as for events, promotion and film sets.

Solutions for every type of site

What does a shopping trip have in common with a visit to a hospital, trade fair or city centre? Nothing! That’s why our parking solutions for shopping centres, clinics, large events and cities are as customised as they are professional.

Parking at shopping centres

Parking at shopping centres

Shopping starts and ends with parking. We serve as a partner for shopping centres and their customers, and we know how to integrate parking with optimal results.

Parking at clinics

Parking at clinics

Its own universe: personnel, patients, visitors, suppliers and emergency vehicles must be able to park at ideal locations around the clock. We offer tailor-made solutions for all users.

Parking at events and trade fairs

Parking at events and trade fairs

Trade fairs, mega events, concerts, city festivals: event parking requires perfect logistics and organisation – we ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Parking in the city

Parking in the city

Residents, commuters and tourists – the city is for everyone. We know how to offer them a personalised parking experience.

Parking at train stations