Site expertise is our strength

Contipark operates parking facilities at all types of locations. Be it city or shopping centres, trade fairs, event locations or train stations: we have the appropriate concept for every location.

Parking in the city

City centres are teeming with life. People come here for a wide variety of reasons. We know how to offer them a personalised parking experience.

Parking at shopping centres

Above all, parking facilities at shopping centres have to be customer-friendly. We know how to achieve this – with reasonably priced parking, VIP parking and other services.

Parking at clinics

The operation of parking facilities at clinics is particularly demanding. We know how to ensure that parking processes for patients, personnel and visitors are smooth and efficient.

Parking at trade fairs and events

When rush hour becomes routine: car parks are places of intense activity before and after events. We know what smart solutions are required for managing high-volume traffic in the car park.

Parking at train stations

Travellers require parking spaces near the train station that can be found quickly and reliably. We know how to ensure stress-free and convenient parking at the station.

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