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Most parking structures provide not only parking spaces, but also additional resources. Contipark ensures that special properties are used efficiently – be it through the targeted renting of unused car park areas or in the context of sophisticated urban-development concepts.

Friesenplatz Multi-Storey Car Park, Cologne

In the unprecedented project “Magnus 31”, Contipark showed what conversion can look like on a large scale. Contipark took over the Alte Wallgasse Multi-Storey Car Park in Cologne in the early 1990s. Owing to changes in mobility behaviour over time, many of the 450 parking spaces in the more than 50-year-old building were no longer being used. Therefore, Contipark decided to convert a portion of the building in cooperation with the city of Cologne.

After several parking levels had been removed, 31 flats ranging from 70 to 200 square metres in size were built on the roof of the car park with a green courtyard in the centre. The car park itself underwent extensive modernisation. This project created valuable residential space in the city centre, as well as a modern and well-utilised car park. This is why “Magnus 31” is an excellent example of how all stakeholders can profit from a well-planned conversion project.

The Friesenplatz Multi-Storey Car Park is located in an attractive location on a central traffic junction in Cologne.

  • Parking spaces: 263
  • In our portfolio since: 1991 (Alte Wallgasse Multi-Storey Car Park before 2017)
  • Special services: private parking spaces for renters, P Card Service

In 2019 the Friesenplatz Multi-Storey Car Park received an award from the Cologne Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) in the context of the IHK “car park test”.

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