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Parking is our business

Contipark specialises in first-rate parking-facility management and professional property development. We have been successfully planning, developing and operating parking facilities since our founding in 1967 – since 1970 also in Austria.

From Linz in the north to Klagenfurt in the south, whether capital or Styria: Contipark is present in Austria with about 50 parking facilities. We are represented at all important locations: shopping centres, train stations and airports, city centres and pedestrian zones, trade fairs and convention centres, cultural and recreation sites and clinics and medical centres.

We operate these parking facilities as the leaseholder or owner, at some locations from the construction planning through to the management.

Contipark is part of the Brussels-based Interparking Group, which operates roughly 1,000 parking facilities in a total of nine European countries.

Sustainable concepts

Modern parking should always ensure that resources are used responsibly. This is why we prioritise environmental protection and sustainability in the operation of our parking facilities.

In the construction or modernisation of our parking facilities, we always satisfy the requirements of sustainable development and implement numerous energy-saving measures. We also review and analyse our existing properties regularly with the aim of optimising their operation on a sustainable basis.