Mutual Success

Partnerships for mutual success

The individual partnerships that we have established are an integral component of our ongoing success. As a qualified provider of intelligent parking solutions, we work in Austria and Germany with a large number of cooperation partners, including municipalities, project companies and private investors.

Salzburg Airport

An excellent example of a successful collaboration based on a long-term partnership is our cooperation with Salzburg Airport, the second largest airport in Austria. In 1989 Contipark took over the management of the parking areas of the airport, which at that time had only 100 parking spaces. In the meantime there is a multi-storey car park and several parking lots with more than 5.000 parking spaces, in which we are involved in a joint venture with the Salzburger Flughafen GmbH.

Airport Salzburg

DB Bahnpark GmbH

In 2005, together with Deutsche Bahn AG, we founded the joint venture DB BahnPark GmbH. This partnership enabled us to enter a new market segment – rail travel. Since then Contipark has been operating, managing and marketing all Deutsche Bahn parking properties at train stations throughout Germany.

City partnerships

But this is not our only cooperation with the city of Salzburg. We have also been cooperating very successfully with Salzburger Parkgaragen GmbH since 2009 – as well as with the city of Cologne.  As a flexible, reliable and forward-thinking partner, we offer solutions – even unusual ones – for every challenge associated with modern parking space management.

City Salzburg

City ​​Cologne