Our ServicePlus

The best kind of service is one you don’t even notice

This saying perfectly sums up the results of our efforts to offer our customers and partners first-rate service at all times.

Parking is a matter of trust, and everyone who uses our parking facilities knows what they can depend on: attractive prices and services, 24-hour customer communication and a multilingual Customer Service Centre.

ServicePlus is our promise to our customers and partners to find an appropriate solution for every need and every challenge.

Sind Sie Parkkunde? Besuchen Sie unser Kundenportal.

Products and prices

Location, size and site category – for example, clinic, shopping centre or train station – each require a differentiated product and pricing structure. We offer needs-based services tailored to the various target groups.

Customer service

For us, service means always being there for our customers. We are reachable around the clock, every day of the week in various languages via our highly modern Customer Service Centre. People in our parking facilities can always reach us with the touch of a button.

End-customer portal

In order to offer our customers the easiest possible access to our products, parking facilities and services, we have developed an online shop for parking. At www.mein-contipark.at drivers can do many things, like registering for a P Card or booking a long-term parking space.

Cooperation agreements

We offer individual cooperation agreements for any company looking to provide a special service for their employees, visitors or customers.