Products and prices

No two parking facilities are alike

Location, size and site category – for example, clinic, shopping centre or train station – each require a differentiated product and pricing structure. Our team of specialists analyses the market and customer data of every single property and calculates perfectly tailored pricing models.

With our smart solutions, we make parking even more convenient: with Contipark’s P Card, customers can enter and exit our parking facilities without a ticket and pay without cash. Our customer card is free for private customers and offers discounted parking fees at numerous sites. Around 40,000 customers use it in Austria alone, and more than 350,000 customers in Germany.

In addition, our end-customer portal provides detailed information on all of our multi-story, underground and on-street car parks. For sites with particularly high demand, our website also offers an online reservation system.

Our P Card

Smart parking with no wait. With discounts of up to 50%. With the P Card, drivers can enter and exit without a ticket and make contactless payments.

Contipark app

The app of Contipark has a lot of information about all Contipark locations in Austria and Germany and makes it easier to find a conveniently located parking facility.

Long-term parking

Make a wish! Long-term parking at the site of your choice for a monthly flat rate. Ideal for local residents and professionals.


Parking in its fastest form at selected sites. Without waiting or searching. Simply reserve online, drive in, park and get out. For everyone with places to go and people to see.

The P Card from Contipark –
smart parking with no wait

The P Card is our added service for clever parkers. With the P Card, drivers can enter and exit without a ticket and make contactless payments. The P Card can be ordered online and is free of charge for private customers. And the best part: with the P Card, customers can receive discounts of up to 50%.

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