Parking in the city

A parking world of its own

Owing to their heterogeneous user groups with a wide variety of aims and durations of stay, city car parks have special management requirements. In particular they require a needs-oriented pricing structure at competitive prices, along with optimal management of capacity utilisation.

Furthermore, parking facilities in the city centre are often subject to periods of high traffic – for example on Advent weekends or on Sundays when shops are open for business. Depending on individual needs, these periods may require not only optimised parking and traffic flows, but also additional on-site personnel.

Owing to the changes that we are seeing in how people choose to get around, parking facilities at city locations are increasingly becoming “mobility hubs” – modern traffic junctions. This is why car sharing and e-mobility, as well as access to public transportation, must be integrated into the overall concept.

Site expertise at a glance

  • customised management concepts
  • market- and customer-oriented pricing and product design
  • effective guidance systems for parking and traffic flows
  • integration of the car park into the urban parking guidance system
  • clear orientation for drivers and pedestrians
  • integration of car-sharing and electric mobility
  • numerous additional services like car wash stations, electric vehicle charging points, umbrella vending machines
  • customer service centre offering 24/7 service

Our service extras

We incorporate nearby retailers, hotels and sports and recreational facilities into the property’s management concept on the basis of cooperation agreements.

Through framework agreements with car-rental companies and car-sharing providers and the provision of charging facilities for electric vehicles, we provide for a seamless interlinking of various forms of mobility.

Old town garages, Salzburg

The two old town garages are situated in the Mönchsberg, which is centrally situated in Salzburg’s old town.

  • number of parking spaces: 1,298
  • in our portfolio since: July 1975
  • special features: license plate recognition system, electric charging columns, P Card Service, beverage dispenser, defibrillator

Their location in the old caverns of the Salzburg City Hill makes the garages in themselves an attraction for many visitors to the city.

Underground car park Mozart-City-Center, Linz

Located in the middle of Austria’s third largest city, the underground car park offers direct access to the old town of the Upper Austrian capital.

  • number of parking spaces: 196
  • in our portfolio since: May 1992
  • special features: P Card Service
Parkhaus Mozart City Center in Linz

On-street and underground car park Andreas-Hofer-Platz, Graz

The underground car park is located in the heart of the Styrian capital, in the immediate vicinity of the Herrengasse.

  • number of parking spaces: 245
  • in our portfolio since: September 2017
  • special features: P Card Service