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Variety is the main focus of CONTIPARK


Variety is the main focus of CONTIPARK

On October 12, 2017, CONTIPARK International Austria GmbH received with honor the Promenteus Award in Salzburg. The Promenteus award honors companies that specializes in the engagement of integration and physical or mental impairment with people.

CONTIPARK especially convinced with its diversity management. Many years, CONTIPARK has been serving people with handicaps that includes a wide range of tasks. CONTIPARK receives support in the field of human resources by the Pro Mente Salzburg. They particularly know the special needs of the car park operators.

(Bildquelle: Juliane Mayr)

"Many of our employees have a degree of disability with 50 percent or more." says Thomas Forsthuber. At CONTIPARK, they are integrated into the operating sequences as fully-fledged workers. It is important to find and adapt the optimal workplace, so that it is suitable for the employee.

A transparent approach to health restrictions is a win-win situation for all parties involved. And the collaboration with Pro Mente Salzburg works: Seven of the former applicants are now permanent employees. The diversity is omnipresent especially among the seven colleagues that includes five very different nationalities and four different religions. These employees are a strong and loyal support that CONTIPARK doesn’t want to miss anymore.