Core Business & Portfolio

Core Business

The major goal of the Contipark Group is to fulfill the need of its customers and partners professionally and effectively.

Our services include:

Operation of car parks from the owner´s point of view.

Car parks (on-street & off-street) are operated:

  • As an ownership
  • Based on rental or leased premises

and management contracts

  • In the scope of Joint-Ventures

Object-specific development of concepts

  • Construction, equipment and refurbishment
  • Investment and financing
  • Operating and maintenance
  • Pricing and Marketing
  • Optimizing Traffic
  • Reutilisation and Revitalisation


Flexible – Suitable – Economic

The Contipark Group takes over the

operation of car parks on all relevant locations.

These include:

  • Shopping centers
  • Train stations
  • City and pedestrian zones
  • Airports
  • Hotels, Fair, Leisure areas
  • Hospitals and Health Centers