Our staff

The Contipark Group carries the social responsibility for about 900 employees in Germany and Austria.

Contipark offers jobs for everyone, without discrimination, independently from ethnic or social background. Employees have opportunities for advancement, retraining or further education. Since 2004 Contipark has been training young people for the professions of office clerk, real estate agent, specialist of dialogue marketing and automatic unit specialist.

Through continuing optimization of working conditions and health and security measures, our employees are well taken care of.

Social Involvement

The Contipark Group is heavily involved in the community. We especially support disadvantaged children and the traffic education of children.


In 2011 we supported the following projects:

Unicef – Together for children
NVK Verlag – Traffic safety for children
Radio Hamburg – Listeners helping children e.V.
Cupido Classico – Benefit Concert for child cancer-sufferers
Stiftung Kindertraum – Support for disabled children
Lions Club Berlin – Support of different projects for children

Cultural Involvement

Our approach is to support different cultural measures, young artists and institutions and a contribution to improve the image of the city.

Our cultural support in 2011:

Hamburg - lightart Speicherstadt
Cologne – Lightart competition „City Leaks Festival“
Ludwigshafen – Light wizard
Salzburg – Salzburger Zoo, Cheetah sponsorship

Economic Involvement

The Contipark Group, with its expertise and a specialty and stationary traffic, is a vital partner for towns and communities. To this it is important to improve and actively involve the regional and national networks through the encouragement of city development.



The organization of stationary traffic is an essential part of mobility and a link in the mobility chain through the understanding of the connection of different vehicles. For instance the connection between your car and the public transport at train stations, airports.

The Contipark Group is especially involved in this area through the Joint-Venture with Deutsche Bahn and the joined foundation of the DB BahnPark GmbH. The latter is currently under way with the optimization of almost 300 car parks and around 150 german train stations. Our experience come to the fore also in the field of airports as a partner of Salzburg airport.

The Contipark Group stands for an environmentally sustainable operation of the car parks. As a ex ante, we decided to obtain our energy contracts from solely certified renewable energy sources (“RECS – Renewable Energy Certificate System”). In addition to this, Contipark has committed to a reduced carbon-emission and sustainable expansion by using electricity savin jet system, LED light fittings, solar and photovoltaic plants.

A further involved and of Contipark is in the field of electric mobility. Together with energy efficiencies, business partners and economic projects we are concentrated on electro mobility for the future.

You can find further information by checking out the following link: Power Filling Stations.

CO2 Neutral

As one of the largest car park operators - Contipark is aware of the responsibility for our environment, and participates in the effort not to burden the global climate.