CONTIPARK reduces the CO2 footprint

The CONTIPARK corporate group continues to operate climate-neutral

CONTIPARK corporate group works climate neutrally as of now

19. July 2016

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Costs incurred by the companies operating CO2 emissions have been accounted for, be continuously reduced and compensated by the support of recognized climate protection project.

The CONTIPARK group of companies founded in 1967, designs, develops and operates public parking facilities at all relevant site categories. As a responsible, innovative company CONTIPARK contributes to voluntary climate protection and has let recertify as a climate-neutral company.

Every year, CONTIPARK voluntarily by the certified company CO2logic personal “footprint” for the ecosystem measure. In Austria since 2012 and in Germany since 2013. Also in 2015 CONTIPARK is re-certified in both Germany and Austria with the seal of CO2 neutrality.

The past year has been heavily influenced by the transition to LED lighting in CONTIPARK. The underground garages with LEDs required about half of electricity for lighting.

In addition to the purchase of green electricity, the promotion of electric mobility and the use of energy-efficient lighting, the company continues to pursue the goal of continuously CO2 neutrality. Emissions that cannot be avoided, CONTIPARK balances through participation in climate protection projects.

“The decision to climate neutrality is an entrepreneurial direction decision for a sustainable, climate-friendly energy future,” said Michael Kesseler, CEO of CONTIPARK Group.

Basically, the numerous urban CONTIPARK-parking facilities provide a greener solution for the traffic. The park pressure and the search for parking on public roads is sustainably reduced and therefore the exhaust emissions and fuel consumption.

With commitment and conviction CONTIPARK will continue to focus consciously on environmental protection.

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Susann Thomanek

Press officer

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