10,000 P Cards in Austria

Digital parking service is also gaining ground in Austria

21. June 2017

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The P Card is already a favorite in Germany: Already 130,000 customers have applied for the customer card from CONTIPARK. Since September 2016 digital parking service is also available in Austria. The demand is unrestrained: 10,000 P Cards have already been applied for, and this in a record time of just 289 days.

More flexibility through the P Card Ten years ago, CONTIPARK was the first company in the parking industry which introduced the digital parking service with an integrated billing and car park-crossing access system in Germany. Since then, parking customers can use the P Card to enter and leave cash-free and ticket-free at all participating parking facilities.

The P card simplifies the parking process significantly: queuing at the pay machine, as well as the search for small change eliminated. Particularly advantageous for all P Card customers are the existing special rates. Across Austria, P Card holders can currently benefit from reduced rates in 4 cities and a total of 9 parking garages, and conveniently park in a prime location with a card, e.g. in the underground car park Mozart-City in Linz for 6 EUR per day, at the Museumsquartier in Vienna for 4 EUR per day or at the Akademieplatz in Salzburg for 10 EUR per day. And the roll-out of the P Card functionality in the parking garages continues, with many more garages to be connected to the P Card system by the end of the year.

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Susann Thomanek

Press officer

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