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Plakat Tierschutzkampagne auf Wiener Parkplatz

Support of poster campaign

26. June 2019

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As beautiful as sunshine and warm temperatures may be in summer, they can quickly become a danger in a car. Most people are aware that on summer days a car parked outdoors can quickly become a four-wheeled oven. Nevertheless, it happens again and again that owners leave their dogs in the car in this weather and thus expose them to acute danger.

The animal protection ombuds office Vienna has therefore recently started a poster campaign to sensitize dog owners and passers-by to this topic. The large-format motifs can be seen at numerous parking lots in Vienna. Contipark also participated and placed the posters at all three exits of the “Handelskai” car park. There they should draw the attention of parkers with and without dogs to the topic. Because even in the parking lots of the company it happens again and again that owners leave their dogs behind in their cars in summer. Contipark is therefore pleased to be able to actively support the commitment of the animal welfare ombuds office in Vienna.

Jens Grieger, manager of the Vienna operations at Contipark, is happy to make his parking space available for a good cause: “Every driver knows how quickly a car can heat up during the warm season. Even leaving the window open a gap wide doesn’t change anything. The fact that there are still cases in which animals are left in the vehicle by their owners at these temperatures shows how important it is to continue the educational work. As a dog owner, it is also my personal concern to protect animals from the painful fate that threatens them after only a short time in an overheated vehicle,” says Grieger.

For animals, the car can become a death trap after only a short period of parking. Drivers often misjudge the possible temperatures and the speed at which they rise. After half an hour in the blazing sun, the interior temperature of most cars is already well over 50 degrees Celsius. The temperatures already rise significantly in the first few minutes. And even with a supposedly cool 20 degrees Celsius outside temperature, 30 degrees Celsius can be reached inside the car after a few minutes and later even over 40 degrees Celsius.

Incidentally, the exterior colour does not play a decisive role in heating the interior. Even in light-colored vehicles, temperatures can rise to life-threatening levels within a short period of time.

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