Already more than 50,000 car drivers in Austria rely on the P Card

Contipark customer card becomes more and more popular

12. November 2021

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The number of Austrian P Card customers cracked the 50,000 mark in November. Thus, the free customer card of Contipark continues its success story, which started in Germany, also on the Austrian market.

The P Card service, which the company has been offering since 2007, makes the parking process much easier for its users and also offers them other advantages. On the one hand, the customer card ensures them cheaper parking at many Contipark parking facilities through discounts and special rates. On the other hand, it enables its users to enter and exit all participating parking facilities of Contipark without a ticket as well as a cashless payment of the parking fees via their P Card customer account. This eliminates the need for them to go to the pay station. Instead, customers simply insert their P Card into the terminal in front of the barrier when entering and leaving the parking facility, the parking fee is then automatically charged when leaving and can be debited either via SEPA direct debit or via the credit card statement.

Ticketless parking and cashless payment are not only convenient and practical for drivers, but also a safe alternative to normal parking in times of increased risk of infection. By significantly reducing the contact points when parking, the P Card makes an important contribution to safe and individual mobility.

The Contipark customer card was first tested on the German market in 2007 in a trial run limited to Berlin at that time, still under the name “Servipark customer card”. In 2009, the services offered were improved and the offer was extended to other German cities. Finally, in 2016, the P Card was also introduced in Austria. Here, it can currently be used in 16 Contipark parking facilities – among others in Vienna, Salzburg, Graz, Linz and Klagenfurt. It can be ordered free of charge in the Contipark online shop at

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Susann Thomanek

Press officer

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