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CONTIPARK makes parking in inner cities again attractive and cheap.


Who does not know it? Parking in inner cities is becoming the nervous and financial challenge. But now there is a remedy: After the success in Germany CONTIPARK brought now also in Austria the P Card on the market. This innovative customer card is distributed by the subsidiary Servipark Austria GmbH and relies not only on convenience and digital nature, but also protects especially the nerves and wallets of car drivers.

Since September 1st you find the P Card Customer Card - the digital service from the CONTIPARK group - at is now also available in Austria. For now, customers can park 5x in Vienna, 1x in Linz and 1x in Villach easy and convenient in the selected parking garages, many other facilities will follow. The rush to the P Card is large in any case after two months were almost 4,000 registrations recorded. The P Card customer card makes parking in cities attractive again, convenient and cheap. ‘While the parking charges are increasingly expensive in parking zones, CONTIPARK offers its customers powerful special conditions. For example, costs the underground parking Museums Quartier per day 4,00 Euro less 10% for private customers. In the Wiener limited parking zones you can park two hours to get that amount just once. Our P Card Service rewards loyal customers with attractive special rates and additional discounts. So you can save up to 50 percent when parking’, explains Michael Kesseler, CEO of CONTIPARK Group.

Many benefits for P Card users

CONTIPARK interspersed with the modern P Card on 100% customer focus. Owner of the card can save them self tiresome payments and detours for cash machines at stays in the parking garages. Inputs and Ausfahrzeiten be detected using the P card and conveniently debited the open parking fees at the end of the month from the specified account or credit card. Of course can be online at any time all park operations including place, time and cost information call, to give users the ideal overview. In personal client account can also easily find information about promotions and discounts - P card users can save up to 50% when parking.

Nearly 4,000 P Cards for companies and individuals

CONTIPARK distinguishes between two different categories of products - the P Card Shopping for private customers and the P Card Corporate for enterprises. For private persons the service is completely free.

Business customers benefit from the monthly mailing of the bill and that any corporate contract can be assigned any number of P Card customer cards. The additional administrative burden is charged 12 Euros per year per card. This unique capability facilitates the breakdown and settlement of any park operations immensely, one saves but, in addition to the higher cost, the complicated billing of each parking ticket employee.

The P Card service can currently be used at the following locations:


P card parking charges                                              hourly rate   daily wage


Underground car parks 

Am Museumsquartier Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Wien            1,00 €        4,00 €

BC 20 Winarskystr. 9, 1200 Wien                                        1,00 €        3,00 €

Karlsplatzgarage Matiellistrasse 2-4, 1040 Wien                  1,00 €         6,00 €

Kärtnerringgarage Mahlerstrasse 6-8, 1010 Wien                1,00 €         8,00 €

UKH Parking Kerschensteinergasse 2, 1120 Wien              1,00 €         3,00 €



Underground car park
Mozart-City-Center Dametzstrasse,                                                1,00 €          6,00 €

4020 Linz                   



Parkhaus Zentrum Villach Hausergasse 13,                        1,00 €          2,50 €

9500 Villach